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Purple Engineering is providing a wide range of Pipeline and Oil & Gas equipment. It is possible that we have the product you are after or know who in the market have it! Please call us and we can confirm if we have the unit you are after

What else Purple Engineering have?

Purple Engineering is an Australian based company and we have a wide range of equipment for Onshore & Offshore Pipeline, Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries. Please follow the link below for the full list of our products.

Portable Bevelers

Portable Clamshell for Pipe Cold Cutting

Pipe Cold Cutting Clamshell

  • Split-Frame technology for endless steel pipes
  • Extremely low weight of pipe cutting machine
  • Quick and safe clamping and adjusting of pipe cutter
  • Reduced space requirement of pipe cutting machine
  • Most precise operation for pipe welding
  • Pipe cold cutting operation

Stationary Bevelers

Stationary Pipe Bevelling Machines

Purple Engineering is the Australian distributor of Copier Bevel Machines.
Copier is the leading manufacturer of stationary pipe cutting, pipe beveling and pipe grooving machines from Netherlands.
Please follow this link for the list of Copier products and their specs.

Torch Pipe Beveling / Cutter

Purple Engineering is the Australian distributor of H & M Pipe Bevel Machines.
H & M is the largest manufacturer of Torch pipe cutting, pipe beveling equipment from USA.
Please follow this link for the list of H & M products and their specs.

Orbital Pipe Welding Machine

We are the Australian distributor of Automated pipe welding machines by Welding Bug.
Comet Orbital Pipe welders are the most reliable automated pipe welding machines from UK.